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Free your phone - use any sim card.


To obtain your 15 digit IMEI number, dial *#06# on your phone or go to Settings


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Just a quick order, a fast remote unlock, and you're all set. Simple, straightforward and satisfaction guaranteed.


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Quickly and easily unlock your ATT cell phone remotely - without account, without sim card and without voiding your warranty.

3Simple Steps

Select your desired network and provide your IMEI number. Don't worry, we'll figure out your phone model for you!

Once payment's in, we remotely process your unlock. If you goofed on the network, no sweat—we'll fix it. Track progress on our nifty tracking page. ATT Samsung phones & friends need 6 hrs, ATT iphone unlocks take 24 hrs.

Reliably, legally, and permanently, your phone's unlocked! We'll send email and SMS confirmation. Apple devices go over-the-air, others get a secret code. Need help? We've got you covered 24/7. Let the celebrations begin!

Unlock, Unchain and Unleash Your ATT Phone

Are you tired of ATT controlling how and where you use your device? Get an instant ATT unique and authorized network unlock code. from our fast, simple online service. Submit your phone details and pay - within minutes we'll generate your unlock PIN and send it directly to you. No waiting around - independence for your phone starts the moment you receive your custom code. An unlocked phone means: ✔️ Using any SIM card, from any carrier ✔️ Accessing the best deals worldwide ✔️ Connecting to the strongest network signals True mobility starts with an unlocked device. Gain freedom today!
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Why CellUnlocks is the best ATT device unlocking portal?

Experience a new era of phone unlocking with CellUnlocks state-of-the-art remote unlocking service.

Speedy delivery - in a flash!

Our super-sonic phone unlocking service will have your device free in less time than it takes to bake cookies (iPhones are unlocked before the timer even dings!). With our turbo-charged order tracking and incredibly enthusiastic support crew, you'll be zooming around with your newly unlocked phone faster than a cheetah chasing an antelope.

Completely remote unlocking - like magic!

We unlock iPhones with a mystical 'over-the-air' incantation using the interwebz and your phone's signal (what sorcery!). Samsung unlocks are delivered via a secret code to enter into your phone. Your phone never leaves your side - we just zap it with our unlocking spells remotely without interrupting your calls or data.

Permanently unlocked - for life!

Our unlocks are done by charming your phone's IMEI number in the manufacturer's magical database. This allows for a lifelong, global unlock that doesn't void your warranty or hurt your phone in any way.

Fantastically affordable unlocks - in a flash!

We provide the speediest, most affordable and trusted unlocks in all the land - with the full blessing of your phone maker. Our unlocking deals are so good, they're practically stealing!

Frequently asked questions

Unlocking a phone means removing restrictions that tie the device to a specific carrier or cellular network. Once unlocked, the phone can be used with any supported SIM card and network. This provides more flexibility and freedom of choice.

Most phones can be unlocked within 4 to 6 hours, although it can take slightly longer depending on contract status and device brand. Some unlock in just minutes. You can check your ATT phone unlock request status here.

The easiest way to check what network your phone is locked to is by using CellUnlocks's free IMEI checker tool. It instantly identifies your current carrier, avoiding any chance of unlocking error and ensuring unlock success.

In most cases, you can unlock a phone before it is paid off, as long as the phone is not Blacklisted and meets the minimum contract time requirements.

It is not illegal to unlock a phone that is still under contract. Carriers cannot legally prohibit you from unlocking your own device.

Whether CellUnlocks can unlock a blacklisted phone depends on the specific device, carrier and reason for blacklisting. Please contact CellUnlocks's support team for an evaluation of your unique situation and next steps.

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